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WRDI Independent Living Specialist offer these services to individuals with disabilities:

Youth Transitions Coordinators

Located in Rapid City

Located in Spearfish

Located in Pierre

To be eligible for services, an individual must have a significant disability, which means:

  1. An individual with a significant physical, mental, cognitive or sensory impairment.
  2. Inability to function independently in the family or community or whose ability to obtain, maintain, or advance in employment is substantially limited.
  3. For whom the delivery of independent living services will improve the ability to function, continue functioning, or move towards functioning independently in the family or community or to continue employment.

Deaf Community

We are focusing on the deaf community and we have videophones to contact for communication.

Adult Day Services

WRDI opened an Adult Day Service facility in November 2012. Services provided are Adult Day Care, Personal care (showers, shave, etc.) Family Support for Caregivers, Activities (games, art, crafts, group sessions), Outings, Snacks, Animal Therapy, Beauty Shop, Transportation with limits, LPN on site 8 hours a day, Assessments done by caseworkers and Beautiful outdoor accessibility.

Targeted Audience
VA Veterans, Elderly (Alzheimer's, strokes, frail elderly), People with disabilities that choose a smaller setting and Caregivers who care for loved ones at home through necessity or desire.

WRDI Incorporated in 1989; Management experienced in industry; Facility ADA accessible; Approved building with sprinkler system, security system, bathing and restrooms. State and VA approved.

WRDI Adult Day Services
4110 Winfield Street
Rapid City, SD 57701                                                                                                   
(605) 791-3383
Fax (605) 791-3385